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How can I set up a business in Djibouti?
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The Djiboutian lawful environment is favorable to the businesses. You can create your company in Djibouti whatever your nationality or your place of residence is.

The registration of your company in Djibouti can be done within three days. Foreign investor does not need a Djiboutian partner to start a business in Djibouti.

You can use our One Stop Shop services or create the status (legal structure) of your company with a notary or lawyer of the private sector. All steps required to start a business are of course undertaken by the One Stop Shop of NIPA.

The most current types of companies
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • Limited Company (S.A.)
  • Limited Liability Single Member (shareholder) Company (EURL)
Required information for the article of association
  • Identity cards of associates
  • Repartition of associates'shares
  • Company'name
  • Company'purpose
  • Company'address
Elaboration of company registration file
  • Article of association project
  • Reservation of commercial name
  • Bank statement
Registration at the register of commerce
  • Registration form
  • Article of association and bank statement
  • Criminal record of associates and manager
  • Commercial name certificate is given
  • Register of Commerce:18000FDJ
  • Commercial name certificate:5 000 FDJ
Fiscal registration of article of association and commercial lease
  • Article of association(4 copies)+declaration of conformity
  • Bank statement
  • Fixed part:depends of the amount of the capital of the company regardless of is its legal from
  • Stamps'fees: 1000 FDJ /statute page including enclosures
Provided document
  • Receipt of fees payment
  • At the back of the document are reproduced the-registration formalities (registry no.,foliono.,and registrationno.),authorized signature,date of the deed and official stamps.
Social registration:
  • Registration at the National social security fund (Caisse Nationale de Securité Sociale)
  • Free=none
To create a branch
Documents to present:
  • Article of association of the parent company
  • Minutes of the board of directors of the parent company
  • A nominated representative or manager of the branch
  • Commercial register of the parent company
  • The commercial register of the local branch
  • Commercial name certificate