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Invest & Get incentives (FAQs)
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What are advantages, exemptions and guarantees given by the Investment Code?

All the advantages, exemptions and guarantees are stated in the Investment Code (Law No.58/AN/94/3-rd download).

What is the minimum capital for an investment project?

Any company eligible for the Investment Code Incentives has to invest a minimum of 5 millions Djibouti Francs (Please see Law No.58/AN/94/3-rd).

What are the documents required when applying for Investment code Incentives?

To benefit from the advantages, exemptions and guarantees of the Investment Code a company has to provide a certain number of documents.

Are there any lands reserved for investors benefiting from Investment Code incentives?

In Djibouti, any investor Djiboutian or foreign eligible for Investment Code incentives or not, can buy or hire a land from the state or the private sector. A foreign investor can buy and possess a land for ever.

What an investor can do to obtain a land for an investment project?

The One Stop Shop of our agency, in collaboration with the Directorate of Estates and the Land Conservation, NIPA assists investors in obtaining land for an investment program.
For that the following information are needed:
  • Send a request to the NIPA
  • Present at the NIPA your feasibility study
  • Define the surface of the land requested

Does the law guarantee equality between domestic and foreign investors?

One of the most salient features of the Investment Law is that it guarantees equality between domestic and foreign, in fact national treatment is given to the foreign investors.