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The Republic of Djibouti, a coastal country located in the Horn of Africa enjoys a privileged geographical position between Africa, Asia and Europe. Since its independence, the country has political stability and social peace.


For a decade the country has a positive and sustained growth with a GDP of 7 % in 2017. This dynamic should be maintained in the coming years, thanks to the continuation of a major program of investment, particularly in infrastructures. The objective of this investment is to turn the country into a regional platform of commercial services, logistics and financial. This extensive infrastructure program is also the result of increasing ports activities.

The inflation rate is under control and has remained at around 1% for the past three years.

Source Central Bank of Djibouti

The public investment rate continues to register a negative growth on the period 2015-2016. The inflow of FDI in the country is expected to evolve positively and is mainly concentrated in the ports infrastructures, roads, railway, real estate and hotels.

Source Central Bank of Djibouti