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10 Reasons to invest in Djibouti
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  • It is located on the 2nd shipping route of the world, where transit 60℅ of world traffic
  • The country is strategically positioned in the region, to serve hub for landlocked countries
  • It enjoys a political stability
  • Nationals and foreigners alike enjoy the same right
  • Its currency is pegged to the US dollar and is freely convertible, with a weak inflation rate
  • It has a financial system, free of exchange control, allows totally free currency transfer
  • Its economy is development oriented and in full swing (such as major infrastructure projects)
  • Its Telecom system ranks it among the best in Africa, with station of SEA ME WE and EIG sub-marine fiber cables
  • Investments operations in the country are eligible to funding and insurance covers from Regional and International Financial Institution
  • Djibouti is a natural gateway to a market of over 400 million inhabitants