In its duties the National Investment Promotion Agency:
  • Welcomes, informs, advises and assists promoters
  • Offers the incentives and benefits provided by the Investment Code
  • Gives the appropriate information on business environment, regulations and laws
  • Implements the government policy in the field of economic and social development

Contributes to the training of promoters through seminars and training session:
  • Identifies investment projects in the framework of the privatization strategy
  • Publicizes investment opportunities of the country through information and dissemination at the local, regional and international level
  • Assists local and foreign promoters in their business start up matters through the one stop Shop
  • Ensures the establishment of a database of Djiboutian companies and create a unit of commercial and Industrial Information
  • Fosters Public-Private Partnership and partnership between local and international companies
  • Assists investors in the process of land acquisition
  • Offers aftercare assistance to local and foreign investors
  • Advocates on behalf of investor the improvement and facilitation of investment procedures