Promotion Department

The promotion department of the agency is in charge of the Information, Communication and Partnership. In this way, it organises and monitors the promotional activities scheduled by the agency in the country and abroad.
This department is the first one which welcomes, informs and guides the local or foreign investor to the right service. In sump up the main functions of this departments are:
  • Information, orientation and guidance of promoters
  • Scheduling of contacts and visits for foreign investors in Djibouti
  • Organization of fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and seminars on Djibouti business environment and investment opportunities in Djibouti and abroad
  • Publication of promotional brochures and catalogues as well as the improvement of the agency web site
  • Information and assistance to industries, national and foreign investors who are in search of business partners
  • Elaboration and diffusion of economic, commercial, legal and financial publications
  • Diffusion of technological information to national investors

Development Department

The department in charge of development deals with issues related to the management of the investments code and the different reviews of incentives contained in the text. The department in charge of development plays connective, administrative and financial roles.
This department is in charge of:
  • Informing the promoter about the financing tools made available to him or her, the required guarantee, the technical presentation of the project, the capital and sectors of activity
  • Searching and mobilizing in a coordinated manner, the foreign technical and financial assistance necessary for the achievement of the investments projects and the program of action in the short, medium and long term in order to boost and develop the private sector
  • Registering and protecting the brands, patents and other rights relative to the protection of the investor’s intellectual property
  • Identifying the blockages in the administrative procedures
  • Proposing any incentive facilitating administrative procedures for the companies and any review of the existing incentives in the investments code
  • Elaborating sectional development strategies and studies to give the competent authorities the capacity to put in place a strategy promoting investments
  • Putting in place « incubator » to promote corporate culture with the development of local investment with women and young men in particular, in national economy. This will be carried out with the offer of means and services, access to foreign support and capital to get started
  • Certifying the import permits for duty-free raw materials, semi-finished products and the necessary materials previously mentioned in the feasibility

One Stop Shop

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) of our agency is your privileged partner and constitutes a powerful tool of the promotion, orientation and support given to the private sector. The One-Stop-Shop achieves in the same place, at a reduced cost and in a minimum of time, formalities and declarations required for setting up a business in Djibouti.

The OSS undertakes on behalf of investor any procedures related to business environment. Its advisers accompany you in your steps by proposing personalized assistance to you.

In sump up the OSS is in charge of:
  • Creation of the legal structure of the company (Status of the company)
  • Attribution of the licences of establishments in the Special Economic Zones
  • Obtaining visas, work permit and residence card
  • Obtaining the Tax Identification number from the Tax office
  • Subscriptions at the various public services
  • Declaration and Affiliation to the Ministry for Employment, Training and Professional insertion
  • Facilitation of the procedures of access to the Land
  • Offering of an personalized aftercare services

Information System

The very important and more and more increasing needs in the using of the computing led to the creation of a Department "Information system", asked to give users, common computing and broadcasting (audiovisual) resources.

It offers a personalized assistance to the users and guarantees the safety(security) of the information system of the Agency.
The missions and the objectives of the department Information system spread out as follows:
  • Exploitation(Operation) of the computer equipment
  • Administration of the systems and the network
  • Evolution of the systems and the networks
  • IT Equipment
  • Forward plannings, equipments and computing purchases
  • Implementation, maintenance and evolution of the computer equipment (systems and networks)
  • Service of protection(saving) and IT return(restoration)
  • Management and Surveillance of the physical network
  • Management of the user accounts
  • IT security
  • Software Support
  • Support in the use of the computing means