”Portion of the moon on the earth's crust” "apocalyptic Landscape” “Geological paradise splendour of underwater sites”, all the adjectives have been used to describe this part of earth always changing.

Far from being inhospitable, unique geological sites in the world have always attracted scientists and adventurers in search of unusual and exotic world. From October to April, the climate is more pleasant, like a Mediterranean state, while the hot season from May to September experienced an average temperature of 35 ° C.

The Republic of Djibouti has a great potential in tourism, with unique sites, the seabed beaches all beauties and The average stay is about ten days, and the main tourist activities are deep-sea diving, sport fishing, trekking, walking, exploration of the nomadic world, ornithological observation, and of course, beach and sun.

Only 5% of tourists come from Asia, mainly Japan. Tourists from countries of the region account for 60%. North America is a source of new customers for our country.
Canadian and American tourists account for 3%. The increase in air traffic with five companies serving regularly the country and the recent inauguration of the 6th company is an additional advantage.

Indeed, diversity of attractions satisfied all visitors. The landscapes include, among others, a coastline of 370 km, the Strait of Ras Siyan, considered "wonder of the world of diving, the multitude of fine sand beaches, such as Doral, Kor Ambado Arta, sand White ... attract many visitors from all over the Forest Day, the mountains ideal for hiking as well the hellish landscape unique in the world such as deserts among which are the driest (Grand and Petit Barra Barra), Lake Assal with its incomparable salt deposit ...

God have blessed the country with natural inland and sea beauty. The word-to-mouth of the International community present in Djibouti has made Djibouti a getaway heaven for the ever growing number of tourist.

Despite the vast opportunities for discovery many sector stay still unexploited. Investment opportunities exist:
  • Development opportunities in Sea Safari: Situated at the intersection of the red Sea and the Indian Ocean, the country presents one of the most fascinating places in the world for scuba diving with its variety of Fauna and Flora
  • Building Hotels/Bungalow/ and Touristic Villas in the key touristic areas (Maskali island, Moucha Island, Day, Lac Abhe, Goubet, Lac Assal, Randa)
  • Creating parks, Marinas, and divertissement centre for tourist and local population Divertissement.