The telecommunications sector represents a wide range of products and services tailored around which three areas: fixed telephony, mobile phones and the Internet.
The country's geographical position and its policy of regional integration, make the area seem a transit line telecommunications by the presence of underwater cables, interconnection between Europe and Asia, and thus entail a network development international making Djibouti a telecommunications hub.

At continental level, Djibouti Telecom is part of the thirty operators System submarine cable in eastern Africa (EASSy), a project of submarine cable capacity in linking the town of Mtunzini in South Africa to Port Sudan with straps to Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti.

Valued at USD 235 Million, this project will connect more than 250 million customers. On land, the fibber optic cable linking Djibouti to Ethiopia is being installed. It will allow the interconnection of Ethiopia to the systems of submarine cables.

These cable systems are compatible with existing ground stations, to ensure reasonable safety of certain traffic flows to Europe and Asia. The platform of international satellite transmission also enables operators to interconnect countries in the sub-region.

Thanks to the underwater cable EIG-Europe/India Gateway, Djibouti Telecom will be carrying traffic to Great Britain and India.
SEA-ME-WE2 / SEA-ME-WE3 / Câble Aden – Djibouti / Câble Addis-Abeba /Djibouti (10 Gb/s) / EIG-Europe India Gateway (12802 Gb) / Eassy (320 Gb) / 20 Km cable Project linking Djibouti to Somalia (Loyada).

Those different connections are themselves powerfully and directly connected to the network, respectively, North American and South East Asia. Through those connections Djibouti Telecom will:
  • Enable capacity without restriction up POPs in London, Mumbai and Marseille
  • Sell capacity without restriction operators in the Region
  • Receive free capacity at future extension of the cable
  • Assign his right to participate at any time to other international operations
  • Benefit terminations traffic from foreign operators towards the countries of the region
  • Collect traffic out of the region to move towards international operators
  • Organize the group to Djibouti in data traffic generated by the operators of the region to deliver on key "POP" international
  • Organize reunion in Djibouti using equipment dedicated voice traffic departing the countries of the region to deliver it supports IP