Geography & Regions

The Republic of Djibouti covers an area 23,200 sq km and is located in the Horn of Africa where it shares border with Eritrea in the north, Ethiopian the west and south and Somalia in the south-east. Djibouti has 370 km coastline on the Red Sea and the Strait of Aden.


The republic of Djibouti is made up of 6 administrative areas called districts. The new government policy relative to decentralization has put in place regional councils in the districts. The members of those councils are chosen from the residents of the districts and are granted much power in public management.

Obock Distict

Located in the north extreme of the country and with a 5700 km² of areas, the population of this district is estimate to 20 700 inhabitants. The district has substantial prospects in the fishing sector. A part of Djibouti port activities such as the transshipment will be delocalized in the main area of the district.

Tadjourah District

With a 73 000 km² and about 45 000 inhabitants, this district is located in the north of the country. This district has many assets in terms of tourism. It exports salt, one rare natural resources of the country. Complementary to the Djibouti one, an autonomous port wsill be opened soon, and fishing activities are in growth.

Dikhil District

This district is located in the west of the country with a 7 200 km² of area and about 52 900 inhabitants. This district has long benefited from the border commercial repercussions. Truck farmer agriculture has been developed these last years.

Ali-Sabieh District

Located in the south of the country with a 2 400 km² of area, the population of this district is estimated to 49 000 inhabitants. The development prospects are supported by activities linked to the railway and the exploitation of building materials as well as the storage of goods in transit to Ethiopia.

Djibouti and Arta Districts

With a 600 km² of area, more than 2/3 of the population live in Djibouti districts and Arta (about 240 000 inhabitants). The main economic and cultural activities are present in Djibouti town, the main district of the country.